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What is the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask


Pink Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount

Snorkeling can only be exciting, memorable, and worth doing again when you have among other things the best full face snorkeling mask. Of course you will also have to pick the best snorkeling spots, have other proper snorkeling gear and so on but our focus today is on snorkeling masks.


Just a quick look at what the market has to offer is sure to leave you overwhelmed. There are so many options on Amazon and other stores but this article has decluttered the mess and simplified our top three recommended full face snorkel masks. Full face snorkeling masks are a recent innovation and thanks to their effectiveness, we all want to have them but nobody wants to end up with a mask they will regret owning.


Some of the best snorkeling masks such as the Sharklens don’t just offer the basics of a full face snorkel mask but also come loaded with extra features such as a camera mount where you could fix your action camera GoPro to record your snorkeling adventures.


So we searched the market for the best full face snorkeling masks, all tried and tested, and so to those dying to know just what is the best full face snorkel mask, we hereby avail them to you.


For only $44.99 (limited time offer), you can lay your hand on this feature-rich mask. Even with the relatively lower price, its quality hasn’t been compromised. In fact, my experience with it revealed to me a full face mask that performs incredibly well underwater, almost second to none and best of all, one that offers great value for your bucks.


Right from the 180-degree field of view, to the anti-fog features to the camera mount and versatility, everything that’s been loaded into this mask qualifies it as the best bet for a snorkeling mask. You are guaranteed not just wide but clear and fog-free views, built-in Go-Pro mount to record your underwater adventures, and a variety of colors and sizes to choose from to suit your taste and age respectively.


Unfortunately, if you happen to have prescription glasses, your experience might not exactly be the same as those without but bottom line, it’s a great snorkeling mask for people of all ages, tastes and more importantly, those who look to having a valuable snorkeling mask.

Man wearing full face snorkel mask with GoPro mount

Even though it came out ahead of many full face snorkel masks we have today, the Tribord Easybreath mask has maintained its position among the greatest whenever the question what is the best full face snorkel mask pops up.


It comes in four sizes: XS, S/M, M/L, and L/ XL and boasts a dry snorkel, decent silicon seal, 180-degree field of vision, gentle purge valve amongst other decent features. It also has a double air flow design to keep away fogging and a one-way valve to keep water from coming you’re your mouth.


With the least size going for roughly $60 and ranging all the way to $130 based on size and other factors, you may end up making a hard choice especially if you are on a budget and you intend to own this full face mask.


Also, note that these masks from Tribord Easybreath don’t come equipped with a camera mount so if your wish was to add a Go-Pro, this may not sound good to you. But overall, it does perform remarkably well underwater and is perfect for people of almost all sizes.


Check out a more detailed review of the Tribord Mask here.

Easybreath Tribord Snorkel Mask

Well, just like a true Ninja, the H20 full face snorkel mask has the necessary muscle and packs the features you need to experience an exciting tour of the underwater world.


As you would expect, it has a dry snorkel, gentle purge valve, and another safety valve for quick draining should water access the inside of the mask and overall, it’s a pretty decent full face snorkel mask to have. Some of its versions come with a Go-Pro mount.


If you are into taste and style, you have a choice of four colors to choose from, not to mention that it is fog resistant. Many snorkelers who own it admit that it has one of the best fog-resistant mechanism.


But what you may dislike about it is that it comes at almost double the price of the other full face masks we’ve just mentioned and so it may not really be a perfect option for those on a budget yet in need of a quality full face snorkel mask.

H20 Ninja Mask

Well, these three sum up our search on what is the best full face snorkel mask to have today. Bear in mind that in any snorkel mask reviews, performance and features always come first but also equally important is the price. One mask that seems to have a perfect balance of these three features is the Sharklens Full Face Snorkeling mask. Whether you are on a budget or out to get yourself a decent snorkeling mask, this mask will meet your best needs. If your looking for additonal reviews check out Tropical Snorkeling and Outside Pursuits reviews of these snorkels.

Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Teal
USD $44.99
Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Blue
USD $44.99
Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Black
USD $44.99
Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Pink
USD $44.99

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