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Do Full Face Snorkel Masks Work With a Beard


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This article is for my bearded brothers out there who hope to use the full face snorkel mask for their next snorkeling excursion and want to know if their highly coveted facial hair is going to be an issue. If you’re also curious if wearing glasses will be an issue read our last article about Do Full Face Snorkel Masks Work with Prescription Glasses?


You cannot use the SharkLens full face snorkel mask or for that matter any full face snorkel mask with a thick beard. If you’re willing to shave or your beard isn’t too thick you can purchase your mask conveniently in our shop here. Or if you loosing the beard is not an option you can still use a traditional snorkel set, check out some of the best selling snorkel sets.


The silicone skirt lining on the mask is intended to form a watertight seal against the face of the user. A beard would prevent this watertight seal from forming and allow water to leak in.


However if you don’t necessarily have a thick beard and have just a little scruff on your face that may be ok.


The SharkLens snorkel mask can still perform at its best when used with a beard no more than a day old. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have other questions on your mind regarding these snorkel masks.


These masks aren’t for everyone but the majority of recreational snorkelers love them. You can read more about the pros and cons of a full face snorkel mask. Some people I know struggle with the traditional snorkel especially having to place a small tube in their mouth to breathe.


The SharkLens mask allows for easy breathing naturally through the mouth and nose. So there you have it, if a beard is holding you back maybe it’s time to bust out the razor and give these masks a try. Get your SharkLens mask here or check out our amazon store. 


If you’ve successively snorkeled with a full face snorkel mask with a beard let us know! I’d like to know if anyone has made it work for them.

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