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Hanauma Bay Snorkeling


Snorkeling at Oahu's Hanauma Bay

A marine conservancy on the South-eastern coast of Oahu island, Hanauma bay rivals both the Waikiki and North Shore beaches in their native island of Hawaii. Over the years, the bay has grown in popularity because of its clear water teeming with healthy coral that is home to interesting species of sea life.


Hanauma bay is a unique destination because it is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred thousands of years ago. The bay lies at the bottom of the resultant crater and features lava tubes that allow water and the accompanying sea life to flow into the bay.


In a bid to keep the bay clean and in optimum snorkeling condition, the park officials only allow 3,000 people in per day and besides, there are days when the park closes down for an entire day. One thing to note, is they do offer full face snorkel masks there to rent however those are not of the same quality of SharkLens Full Face Snorkel Mask and have been known to leak. If you don’t want one of the most epic snorkeling excursions to be ruined by faulty rental gear, do yourself a favor and order a full face snorkel from SharkLens.

How does the full face snorkel mask work


You can take a Hanauma bay shuttle from Waikiki for just a dollar to get to the bay. For those who have private means, the beach has a parking lot which fills up very quickly. It is therefore recommended to arrive early in order to secure a parking slot for which you will pay $1.



Admission into the reserve is $7.50 for the entire day for tourists. The fee is exempt for children under 12 years, active duty military personnel based in Hawaii and Hawaii’s residents.



Upon entry into the park, visitors are shown an educational video that helps focus snorkelers on the preservation of the coral reefs they will enjoy. It informs people on the species of fish found in the reef in addition to how the bay came into being. Everyone is advised not to touch the reef in order to protect it.



The bay has the names of the species of sea life you will encounter while snorkeling on a board at the beach. Its waters are home to quite a number of shoals of fish and harbors even some endangered species.


The visibility is incredible giving you undisturbed views of Hanauma bay sharks, massive green sea turtle, angelfish, moray eels, boxfish and parrot fish among many other aquatic life creatures. In case you need to rent snorkeling gear, never fear, the park has rental shacks with staff to help first timers operate the gear. If you wear glasses, make sure to order your prescription full face snorkel mask.


Keep an eye out for the red buoys that mark dangerous zones. Touching the coral is a taboo as even the slightest touch can interfere with an entire ecosystem not to mention give you a nasty cut. The reefs do not only house the fish but also algae which is food to many.

Other things not to do while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay include:

  • Chasing after the fish
  • Feeding the sea life
  • Touching the fish


If you are interested in seeing and enjoying a spot that places marine conservation efforts on the forefront in order to provide a great snorkeling experience, Hanauma Bay is the best option. The conservancy efforts have been rewarding and the Hanauma Bay Snorkeling experience makes snorkelers responsible in the long run. After all, an accountable snorkeler is the best kind of snorkeler.

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