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How Does The Full Face Snorkel Mask Work


How does the full face snorkel mask work

Snorkeling can be a fun and exciting activity, however there’s a large number of us who don’t enjoy it mainly because how uncomfortable the traditional snorkel mask is and the difficulties one faces underwater while trying to breathe through a snorkel.


Having to breathe with a snorkel tube in your mouth not only feels uncomfortable but can also be unhygienic in some cases where you have to rent the snorkel gear. Fogging and leaky masks and also claustrophobia are additional reasons that led to the invention of a full face snorkel mask.


These reasons mentioned above are what led to the creation of a full face snorkel mask. Just as the name suggests, this type of mask covers your entire face. Best of all, it lets you breath underwater just as you would on the surface through both your mouth and nose.


Of course you may want to know just how does the full face snorkel mask work?


Just as we’ve already mentioned, the full face snorkeling mask doesn’t utilize the traditional set up in which both the mask and the snorkel come separate. Rather, it blends the two into an intelligent design that covers your whole face.


So as a wearer, you’ll have it easy breathing through this mask and besides, the snorkel component features a valve that will automatically close if you submerge or tilt your head into the water thus preventing any water from accessing your breathing tube.


A part of the snorkel will stay above the surface of water to help you suck in air and also release exhaled breaths. If the thought of keeping your face underwater gives you chills, this kind of mask is what you need.


Also, the masks boast a 180-degree field and this lets you have clear vision while snorkeling. Some like the SharkLens mask also come loaded with a GoPro mount just in case you will want to attach an action camera to your gear to record your snorkeling adventure.


Not to mention a dual air flow system that works to ensure moisture-laden air is done away with when one exhales thus making it fog-free. Above all else, these masks are usually brightly colored and this helps to easily identify the position of the wearer even in choppy waters.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Breathing Guide

Well, for those who wished to know just how does the full face snorkel mask work, also remember that just like every other new invention, the full face snorkeling mask hasn’t been short of criticism.  Some have questioned their effectiveness in more technical snorkeling situations. But the fact remains that if you are one of those in constant struggle with any of the factors we mentioned earlier, then a full face snorkeling mask is precisely what you need.

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