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How To Snorkel For Beginners: Complete Guide

How To Snorkel For Beginners: Complete Guide

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If you’ve ever wondered what the underwater world looks and feels like, snorkeling is the perfect way to find that out. You are likely here because you want to do it right and that’s awesome, congratulations, buddy!
For the uninitiated, just like every other fun activity or adventure out there, snorkeling has its risks too. If you lack the important information on how to snorkel underwater, the fun in it will be stripped away when you end up victim to avoidable mistakes.
That aside, snorkeling is remarkably fun, adventurous and full of excitement. But just before we get down to how to do it, a question that always bugs many is do you need to know how to swim to snorkel? Well, let’s find out

Swimming: Is It A Must To Learn Before One Goes Snorkeling?

No doubt a huge portion of excellent snorkelers are great swimmers but this is just a fact, not a rule. You don’t really need to be great at swimming to try out snorkeling. If anything, you only have to keep in mind a few basic rules of snorkeling and be careful as you go about it.
That aside, it’s a good idea to refine your swimming skills before trying out this activity. For instance, if you intend to deep dive while snorkeling, you definitely need to be a good swimmer.
As a beginner, you are likely to experience fear, boredom, leaking face mask, injury, just to name but a few but that shouldn’t take away your morale. Here’s a step by step process that simplifies the process of how to snorkel for beginners.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling masks come in different types, shapes, and sizes and for you to enjoy snorkeling, you need to get yourself a mask that fits well on your face. This will help to prevent things such as water leaking into your face.
As for the snorkels, a dry snorkel or one that has a splash guard should be your top priority. Thanks to a special valve fixed on its top side, your snorkel will always seal itself when you go underwater. A new and innovative snorkel mask are the SharkLens Full Face Snorkel Mask. They don’t leak nor let water in and are the best snorkels for novice and experienced snorkelers alike.
Full Face Snorkel masks also have a valve at the bottom that allows water to exit the mask in the rare case it does come in. If you are a beginner, having such a snorkel can be helpful in many ways.
Also get yourself fins that fit just fine i.e. neither too tight nor too loose. Every beginner definitely needs this.

Step 2: Practice with Your Snorkeling Equipment

It’s important that you get used to how your equipment works and feels. Put on your mask and attach the snorkel. Try inhaling lightly and watch if the mask suctions to your face. If you notice anything that doesn’t feel right, make the necessary adjustments.
You can then visit a steady and shallow beach and observe how it feels snorkeling with that mask. Look out for leaks and more importantly, train yourself to get used to this kind of activity.
If you haven’t learned how to swim yet, be sure to use a flotation device. While learning how to snorkel underwater, it’s also important that you stay relaxed and a little calm. Keep a moderate pace while swimming and also observe the behavior of ocean conditions.

Step 3: Select Your First Location Wisely

Never pick just any snorkeling spot and make it your snorkeling destination just because your friend mentioned it or you came across it on the web or whatever other place.


Ask about ocean conditions and avoid trying out your first snorkeling by jumping off some boat because that could result in something else that is disastrous at the very least.


Also, select a location that has a rich marine life and is calm. If you find a beach with a lifeguard, that’s probably a nice spot to go snorkeling as a beginner.


So these three sum up our guide on how to snorkel for beginners. Remember snorkeling is not just a physical sport but it carries dozens of benefits and if you wish to know how you could use it to your advantage, learn all there’s to gain from this fun activity. But before that, use all that we’ve mentioned to learn how to go about it.


Good luck.

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