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How to Wear a Full Face Snorkel Mask


Full Face Snorkel Mask

For the uninitiated, full face snorkeling masks are a recent invention that seek to replace the traditional set up of a separate snorkeling mask and snorkel/breathing tube. Initially, we only had a few options but this is no longer the case.


We now have dozens of brands offering multiple styles and sizes. Some of them come in different configurations. In trying to find out how to wear a full face snorkel mask, we identified the most vital information you will want to know while going about this.
First, there are three important things to note before one thinks of going ahead to wear a full face snorkel mask


Finding out the right size mask that will fit your face is the most critical element of wearing a full face snorkel mask. Fortunately we’ve created a simple size guide that will help you determine which SharkLens mask will fit you. If you’re still unsure don’t stress, SharkLens has a great guarantee to refund 100% of your order in full plus the return shipping costs. Check out the full policy here.

SharkLens Snorkel Sizing Guide

Let’s admit it, most of us in possession of a thick beard really relish it and the thought of shaving it off may not sound cool but unfortunately, snorkeling with a beard may not be a good idea. You definitely will be required to trim it just so that you may not experience any leakages while using the mask.


A silicon skirt lining along the mask is what helps it form a watertight seal against your face and so when a beard comes in the way, it works against the seal and gives access to water to enter the mask.


Almost all full face snorkeling masks lack enough room that would let you have your prescription glasses or other types of glasses on while snorkeling. We’ve brainstormed a few solutions for those who wear glasses in the interim.


A few of us usually encounter difficulties trying to wear anything on our faces and so putting on this full face snorkeling mask is going to feel a little unnatural and to an extent odd and that is okay. Just relax.


If you’ve ever used the conventional snorkeling set up that has a separate mask and snorkel, you are going to like the fact this particular mask feels more comfortable and much easier to use.

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Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Teal
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Full Face Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount: Blue
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