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Maui Snorkeling: Complete Guide


Maui Snorkel Tropical Boats

Snorkeling in Maui should be on every deep sea lover’s bucket list. The clear azure waters that have for the longest time been home to Maui’s pride, the green Hawaiian sea turtle are all well known for being inviting and warm.


Maui snorkeling is unique because, unlike other snorkeling destinations, you can snorkel out in the open ocean water instead of protected bays and coves. In fact, the option of snorkeling on the beach without having to pay for a boat trip is a big factor in attracting people to the island’s snorkeling grounds.


Free snorkeling: It is just as easy to find a beautiful spot to snorkel on the myriad of beaches in Maui as it is to catch a big wave. You may find beaches that have a natural bay that keeps out big waves making it easy to access the water in peace.


Boat trip snorkeling: If you prefer the option of going a little further out to see more of the sea, boat trips are easy to arrange on the island with a myriad of businesses offering the service or even the hotel/resort. With the help of your guide, finding the right snorkeling spot should be easy and safe.


Kapalua Bay: Easily recognizable because of its crescent shape, Kapalua Bay offers great sightings in the morning or early in the afternoons. Teeming with coral formations you can sight octopus and lobster as well as fish like puffers and Moorish idols. There are two snorkeling spots: Lahaina and Kapalua. Kapalua bay snorkeling is ideal as it has more to see and has tranquil waters.

Snorkeling Kapalua Bay Maui

Honolua Bay: This marine preserve is found on the Northwestern tip of the island. Early to mid morning is the clearest time of day to see the fish and enjoy the water. Surrounded by rocky cliffs, the water is protected from the churning of the ocean by the rocks. To experience the best of Honolua bay snorkeling head over to the northern side of the shore.

Snorkeling Honolua Bay Maui

Mokule’ia Bay: Also known as slaughterhouse beach, Mokule’ia bay is located north of the Honoapiilani highway. Only accessible by car, you can sight silverfish and zebra moray eels. Best of all there are plenty of turtles at this beach cove and if you are lucky a white tip reef shark can swim right by you.

Snorkeling with Sea Turtle

Snorkeling tours in Maui can never be complete without a boat tour. Here are the places you should check out for this.


Molokini: This is a sunken volcanic crater that can be seen a few miles off the shore of the island. The water is so clear that you can see up to 50 feet below. It is teeming tones of the beautiful green sea turtles that seem to be relaxing while flapping along in the water.


Lanai: Eight miles out on the western part of Maui, Lanai features tranquil water and beautiful hard coral that make it a favorite with many boat tour companies. Clients are always guaranteed a good time as they swim with huge parrot fish and shoals of silver fish.


Maui is a beautiful haven not just for aquatic life but also for aquatic lovers. From protected sanctuaries that provide us with the option to access all species to beaches that offer an unfettered view of wild sea creatures, Maui snorkeling is the epitome of snorkeling bliss.

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