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Snorkeling Cancun: Everything You Need to Know


Snorkeling Cancun Beach

Cancun, Mexico sets itself apart as a popular destination for vacations in North America for many reasons. First, there’s the tropical climate which doubles up as the reason why snorkeling thrives here. Add the wide selection of marine life and its clear tropical waters and you will never wonder why snorkeling in Cancun every snorkeler’s dream.


If you fancy marine wildlife, this is an attraction that will have going back to this place again and again. Cancun is awash with colorful fish all over its reefs and all round their borders.


Thanks to the tropical climate, this place is home to multiple species of exotic fish and if a visit to an all-inclusive aquarium left you overwhelmed, then jumping into this waters is sure to take that to a whole new level.

Snorkeling with Exotic Fish

Once you set your foot into this place, put on your snorkeling gear and set out to explore the underwater sights, you will hardly regret that you chose a wrong a spot. Nearly every Cancun snorkeling spot boasts of remarkable visibility and extensive marine life. Make sure though that you don’t miss these beautiful underwater sights because of faulty snorkeling gear. SharkLens Full Face Snorkel Masks are the #1 rated full face snorkel mask and offer an amazing guarantee too.


But just in case you are not sure where to start, seeking the help of one of Cancun’s reputable tour companies will make things easier for you. You will be shown around and guided to the best places where you will experience the best snorkeling in Cancun.


Keep in mind that a huge number of the snorkeling spots mostly are located somewhere else close to Cancun. Of course Cancun itself has incredible spots to go snorkeling but in and around the place, there’s plenty of other spots you will not want to pass up.


Tour guides will, for instance, give you a trip to the Mesoamerican reef located in Puerto Morelos which is actually 26 miles away from South of Cancun. Here you can enjoy not just regulated but healthy coral reefs and multiple varieties of striking sea life.


Well, this is more like a little guide on how to go about snorkeling in this beautiful place. The great reef, all of the fish you will probably see, and every other aspect of the marine life is under the protection of the Mexican Law. That means you shouldn’t add or remove anything no matter what state the object in question is in unless you want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


Secondly, it’s recommended that you bring your own snorkeling gear. This could benefit you in many ways including bringing the cost of your vacation down. Nonetheless, you could as well rent one but keep in mind this could get a little expensive if you intend to do this very often while there.


Of course we can’t sum this up without mentioning some of the places you could go snorkeling while in Cancun.


Punta Nizuc Snorkelling– Home to exotic marine life, this place is located towards the southern end of the Island and sits pretty close to the popular Cancun hotel zone.

Snorkeling in Isla Mujeres – Despite being some kind of a fishing village, this little island is a popular destination for snorkeling and features sea turtles amongst other exciting things you will want to check out.

Snorkeling in Cancun’s hotel zone – this is basically an area of Cancun flooded with hotels and resorts most of them located on or just a few steps away from the beautiful waters. Whereas some of the spots on the beach front are public, some hotels offer a private feel by giving restricted access done through the hotel.

Bahia de Mujeres Beach – besides the white sands, the waters in this beach are crystal clear. Even though it doesn’t match up to the hotel zone’s southern end, if you happen to be vacationing on the northern sides, you will have a great time snorkeling in this place.

Musa – Sectioned into two, this underwater museum comprises well over 470 life-sized sculptures. If you want a different experience from the natural reef, this eco-project will fit your wishes.


Cancun Hotel Zone
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