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Snorkeling Kauai: Important Facts You Should Know


Snorkeling in Kauai

No doubt Kauai earns its pride from blooming gardens and rainforests but this can’t be complete without mentioning its great selection of scuba diving and snorkeling spots. Kauai Island is home to a couple of reef-protected beaches.


Winter has its good and ugly side and here in Kauai, it could mean strong and dangerous waves. But thanks to its reef-protected beaches, the water is placid enough for you to jump in and go snorkeling Kauai to explore life under the sea.


Also worth mentioning is that more than half of its coastline consists of white sand beaches and this makes it easy to access the ocean. On top of that, it’s accommodative to almost anyone, from novices to seasoned snorkelers and families as well.


It’s obvious that you are going to need the right equipment and an important fact to keep in mind as you go about this is that a quality and well-fitting snorkel is what determines a whack snorkeling experience from an epic one. So it’s important to get yourself a proper fit. SharkLens is our recommendation as the best full face snorkel mask on the market. Read more about our other recommendations on necessary snorkeling equipment

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Ocean conditions in Kauai are the most inconsistent thing you will ever find here. That means knowing where and when to snorkel is very important. As we mentioned earlier, waters that are protected by reefs make the best spots to snorkel here,


But even with such assurance, it’s still a good idea that you check the existing ocean conditions before setting out to snorkel. You could sit under a shade and study the water for about half an hour or ask from lifeguards.


Away from the weather, it’s in this tropical corals and reefs that you’ll be lucky to see colorful fish. On top of that, most of the reefs consist of sandy channels which enable for a safe and stress-free entry into the waters.


To make things easier for you, here’s a compilation of snorkeling spots you will want to check out in Kauai:


Poipu Beach Park: Based on the south side, this place makes a nice spot for novices as it is relatively small. To the right of its sandy bottom, you could find some fish, coral or if lucky, a Hawaiian monk seal. Poipu snorkeling has been termed by many as a snorkeler’s dream come true.


Nualolo Kai: Nualolo’s reef is an exciting snorkeling spot to check out in Kauai. Visibility is usually at its peak during early hours of the day and besides the healthy coral, expect to see plenty of colorful fish. Accessible by boat, this place is great for seasoned snorkelers.


Anini Beach: Thanks to the extended coral reef guards, you could go snorkeling in this place all year round. In its waters, you’ll be lucky to come across a wide range of tropical reef fish like the butterfly fish or Moorish idols and also green sea turtles. It’s great for both novices and advanced snorkelers.


Koloa landing: If you are a seasoned snorkeler looking for a place to test out your diverse skills, Koloa landing snorkeling is what you should be thinking about now. Besides having deep waters, it boasts massive greens sea turtles and an assortment of tropical fish. However, keep in mind that there’s very little protection from currents and waves so bring your fins along.


Lawai Beach: Being one of the places known for the best snorkeling in Kauai south shore also means it gets really crowded often. One of the reasons is because it’s under the protection of a barrier reef and that makes the place really reliable. But before you start to explore the Lawai beach snorkeling, it’s recommended that you take a snorkel tour.


Finally, as you plan to go Snorkeling Kauai, also pay the Marine Wildlife Section a visit to find out how you can enjoy the place without interrupting the balance. And just as amazing as Kauai seems on land, expect to experience the same thrill below its waters.

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