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Snorkeling in Key West


Sea Turtle Snorkeling in Key West

Key West is an island city in the US found in Florida. The archipelago has several keys and Key West lies on the southernmost tip. It has it all from beautiful homes to a cruise ship stopover and diving coves and bays for snorkeling enthusiasts.


This little island that borders Cuba is world renown for its historical sites, beaches, and nightlife. However topping the list of its attractions is its repertoire of water sports, snorkeling and diving tours. The weather is usually warm and humid with normal winds of up to 19km/h.


There several reefs that are worthy of a mention when it comes to Key West. Key West Boat tours are readily available on the island although you may not know beforehand where you are going. The operators keep this to themselves as they seek out the best and most tranquil waters of the day.


For a small fee, the Fort Zachary Taylor state park beach is accessible to all snorkelers, amateurs and professional. It features a man-made breakwater that allows aquatic life to venture into the caves and makes for fine sighting. It is one of the best places to snorkel in key west.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach

Found inside the Key West marine Park, entry into Higgs beach is free. This public beach has some remains of an old dock and this area teems with all manner of sea creatures. It is safe and well maintained as the marine park works to keep the aquatic environment at optimum.

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Situated seven miles off the shore of Key West, Sandy Key features the island’s weather monitoring station. Snorkeling boats favor the island as it has placid waters that are ideal for sea life. The waters are 75 feet deep although the reefs have relatively shallow tops. You can expect fire and Elkhorn corals and steel yourself for some barracuda sighting. The waters have a high visibility which is ideal when snorkeling.

Sand Key Snorkeling

This is a routine spot for boat tours coming from Key West. Although it started out as a shipwreck, coral encrusted the wreckage to form a haven for aquatic life. The coral goes to depths of 35 feet in some areas and fifteen in others. It is found one mile from Sandy Key and is a favorite with people looking for an exploratory and intriguing snorkeling experience.

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Also a close call to Sandy and Rock Key but in the opposite direction, Cottrell key is found within the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. You will be treated to sightings of graceful turtles and groupers. It has tranquil waters which are protected from huge waves and the churning waters.

Best Key West Florida Snorkeling

Lonely planet has pondered whether Key West is the most beautiful strange island in the US or the most strangely beautiful one. We believe it is both. It encompasses the beauty and difference of aquatic life perfectly in each reef. Snorkeling in Key west is far more famous than its beaches and with good reason. If you truly want to enjoy snorkeling at these beautiful locations make sure to get a SharkLens Full Face Snorkel Mask.

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