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What is Snorkeling


Snorkeling with Fish

You’ve probably heard of it or a friend/ family member mentioned it and now you want to find out what is snorkeling all about. Well, your search ends here so read on to find all the important information you will ever want to know about snorkeling.


Put simply, snorkeling is a recreational activity in which you enjoy the ocean by swimming across the surface of the waters while having your face mask on, a snorkel which is basically a breathing tube and swim fins. Read on to this blog if you’re in need of learning more about necessary snorkeling equipment.


While snorkeling, you only have to float on the water surface while breathing through the snorkel and having your face facing down the ocean in search of marine life.


If you wish to get a closer look, you could dive deeper while having your breath on hold, and upon surfacing again, you just have to exhale hard and that will clear the snorkel enabling you to continue breathing.


So what sets it apart from scuba diving? Well, unlike scuba diving, snorkeling doesn’t require you to dive deep into the water with bulky air tanks strapped to your back. Besides, scuba diving is relatively expensive and not really meant for everyone, unlike snorkeling.


Snorkeling is easy for people of all ages provided one can swim. However, most of the snorkeling spots have their own policies related to age. So before paying just any spot a visit always check with local authorities and lifeguards to know their policies regarding age restrictions.
For kids, age 5 and over is usually considered a great time for them to start to trying not only swimming but snorkeling. However some children learn early and I’ve even seen as young as 2 year olds out snorkeling! Read our blog about these great kids full face snorkel masks.


Now that you have a better understanding what snorkeling is, let’s also get to know how it works. Like every other fun activity, it also has its limits and it’s important that you have them in mind to ensure you get the most out of your snorkeling adventures.


Several things could go wrong while you are enjoying your underwater adventure so before jumping into the water, get all the necessary information on all the dangers you might face while snorkeling. Even though snorkel accidents are very rare, arming yourself with knowledge on what to do if that ever happens will be vital throughout your adventure.

Avoid Disrupting Marine Life

First, always be conscious of your surroundings. Even the most innocent touch on the marine life could turn out to be disastrous. Besides, often touching marine life can be illegal in certain locations so the general rule of thumb is to look but do not touch.

Avoid Unsafe Situations

Always plan ahead and do enough research before deciding on a snorkeling spot. Get well informed about the marine life situation, water depth, tides, currents and surroundings.

Select Appropriate Snorkeling Gear

When selecting a snorkeling mask, ensure you narrow down to the one you feel comfortable with and also ensure it has positive reviews. The mask should fit just fine and the snorkel shouldn’t be a bother to you. A great snorkel mask for beginners would be the SharkLens Full Face Snorkel Mask. These masks make snorkeling a breeze!

So if you were among the uninitiated who kept wondering just what is snorkeling all about, well, this is the vital information you need to keep in mind about this fun adventure. Overall, snorkeling presents an amazing opportunity to discover and nurture a curiosity on what the underwater world has to offer. Not to mention it has health benefits too.

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