What To Wear While You Skorkel? SharkLens = Full Face Snorkel Mask

What to wear while snorkeling?


Full Face Snorkel Mask

Don’t we all wish to make our underwater adventures remarkably fun, wonderful and packed with excitement? Most of us, if not all do and here’s the hard fact about this: proper snorkeling equipment are a MUST. And in case you are wondering what to wear while snorkeling, we have a comprehensive list of the right items to have on.


One common rule with most of these items is that you should ensure they fit just fine. None of them should be too loose or too tight.


Well, read on to find them out.


Of course this is obvious but it’s worth mentioning. In most cases, you’ll have the option of either renting or buying. Buying is definitely a good idea and for many reasons. Getting the right fit guarantees your safety in the water and also that you will have a mask for you at your destination. You will realize that rental masks are usually old, abused and leak easily. Opt for a full face snorkeling mask at SharkLens as it will make breathing easier and stress-free or get one here on Amazon.

Man wearing full face snorkel mask with GoPro mount

A snorkeling vest is an inflatable lifesaver and is recommended wear whether you are a confident swimmer or not. Men mostly snorkel with bear tops while the females mostly don a bikini and this snorkeling dress code is great but for specific weather conditions.


Tropical sun rays are great but the flip side of them is that they could cause sunburns. So an upper-body garb, for instance, synthetic snorkeling shirts or a rash guard shirt would be a great idea in this case.


Turns out most snorkelers don’t really care a lot about diving fins but make no mistake about their roles. It’s true that diving fins help will offer additional propulsion and more importantly, help you swim well. If you are a beginner, this is something you should never brush off. Check out some of the best sellers here. 


A bandanna or a swim cap may seem like a fashion item but what many don’t realize is that they help to keep your hair out of your snorkeling gear and also give protection to your scalp against sun rays. As for the bandanna, you could go for the type that doctors use as they usually fit fine.


Most snorkeling sports boast a tropical weather and so it’s obvious that you are going to endure tropical sun rays while snorkeling. Now, besides wearing a snorkeling vest, you could also use a weather resistant sunscreen so as to give your skin protection against UVB and UVA rays. Sunscreen has plenty of other benefits that could be helpful in one way or the other.


When in cooler water, a wetsuit will assist to keep your warm. On top of that, they offer protection against sunburns and stubborn ocean particles and also allow for buoyancy. If the water is just a little cooler, you could opt for a shorty wetsuit. Check out some affordable wetsuits here.


Marine life is no doubt fascinating to watch and this could have you snorkeling deeper or far away and end up forgetting your position. So bringing a whistle along as you snorkel can help anyone track your position if you are in need of help.


So when deciding what to wear while snorkeling, put in mind that each of the items we’ve mentioned has their own special roles and bringing them along will help make your snorkeling adventure not just exciting but safe and memorable.

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